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Solar Thermal Installer Training & Certification

Qualified Professionals Wanted in all Regions!

Solar Thermal Training CoursesAre you looking for an exciting, and profitable, new series of products and skills to add to your current plumbing and heating business? Have you ever thought that it would be exciting to install Solar Energy Products and Systems? Did you know that Solar Hot Water (or Solar Thermal) is the fastest growing industry in the world?

According to the non-profit, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the solar hot water industry has more than quintupled since 2005, and billions of dollars in stimulus funding are now available for installing solar systems.

If you are a plumbing and heating expert, you have definitely heard about this huge explosion in the Solar Hot Water Industry over the last few years - in fact, you have probably had customers ask you about Solar Hot Water for their homes or businesses.

SunMaxx is the manufacturer of America’s leading Solar Hot Water Systems in technological advancement, price and performance. Our exciting product line features leading evacuated tube and flat plate solar collectors, turn-key pre-packaged domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating kits, and the most advanced tanks, controllers, and components in the industry. We’ve been at the front of this market growth for three years, with the fastest growing dealer network in the industry.

SunMaxx is giving you the opportunity to get in at the ground level today, to become the premier Solar Hot Water contractor of choice in your area through our SunMaxx Solar Hot Water dealer training program.

SunMaxx Solar Thermal Training

What are we looking for?

SunMaxx is seeking professional, trained and experienced plumbing and heating specialists who are interested in adding Solar Hot Water Sales and Installation to their current business. Our systems are world-renowned for their performance, reliability and simplicity - and SunMaxx Dealers & Installers put a friendly, trusting face on the SunMaxx Brand across the United States and around the world.

Solar Thermal Training CoursesWhat is in it for you?

This is simple - an exciting, profitable, and socially responsible business venture that is sure to make you money and put you in the position to lead an industry that is growing at an exponential rate every year. As a SunMaxx Dealer Installer you will get qualified sales and installation leads in your local coverage area direct from SunMaxx through our ever-expanding customer base. You will receive specialized technical and sales training on SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems as well live technical support through our Dealer Development Team, Technical and Engineering Teams and general support processes.