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Silicon Solar: Todd P Speaks To Sidney School

Todd Paternoster, Solar Thermal Training Manager at Silicon Solar Inc, was invited to the 5th grade students at Sidney Elementary School, where they had just started a new unit on renewable energy and ecological conservation. Mr. Paternoster has been traveling the United States, training solar installers as part of Silicon Solar’s solar thermal training and solar classes program.

Mr. Paternoster spoke to the group of students for 45 minutes, covering a number of topics related to the mission of Silicon Solar, and the green movement. Specific topics included global warming, carbon emissions, peak oil demand/use/shortage and today’s leading solar collectors – both solar electric and solar thermal.

"It is exciting to see so many kids interested in renewable energy and environmental causes, especially at such a young age…and even better to see teachers and school districts, such as Sidney, doing everything within their power to reinforce the importance of these issues," Paternoster said.

Mr. Paternoster, previously a teacher at Sidney High School, joined Silicon Solar in the spring of 2008, and has worked closely with Sidney School on a number of projects in collaboration with Silicon Solar. Previous projects include the establishment of a Solar Club at Sidney High School, the donation of a Silicon Solar SunMaxx thermosyphon solar hot water heater to Sidney High School for testing and experimentation by Sidney students, and bringing in Sidney students as interns with Silicon Solar to get real world experience in the solar energy industry.

Such speaking engagements are common for Silicon Solar employees and officers, including Mr. Paternoster, because of Silicon Solar’s strong educational outreach and training programs, which are geared to educate adults and youths, and turn them into the next generation of Green and Renewable Energy Leaders.

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