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Connection Fittings for FlowMaxx Pre Insulated Line Set

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Jared Wood and I'm the product manager here at SunMaxx. I'd like to take a few minutes to talk to you about our FlowMaxx line set, but more particularly on the FlowMaxx quick connects that connect the FlowMaxx line set to either your panels or in this case connecting to extend the line set a little bit longer. What you get when you first receive, well this is a straight connect, now again, a straight connect connects one piece of line set to another so you can continue the line. So I'm going just to go over quickly how to install or how to set up the quick connect.

When you receive a quick connect, you get a bunch of different parts here, but most importantly is to know what the parts are for, obviously. First thing we need is a nut, now this nut will connect to the fitting here, making a nice tight seal with the corrugated stainless steal. Well first we have to set up the corrugated stainless steel to create a flat seat so that we can have a waterproof seal. To do that, don't ever forget the nut, that's always the biggest mistake here. We always want to put our nut onto the stainless steel piping first, then you get what we call a c-clamp, and you basically wrap this c-clamp or bend this c-clamp around the first corrugation of the pipe. Nice and solid. Once that is set, you'll notice that the nut does not leave the piping. From there we have to create the flat seat, we have to basically crush the first corrugation so that our graphite washer can make a nice, tight seal. To do that, we get an aluminum slug here, and we put that aluminum slug inside of the nut, and we use the actual fitting to crush that flat seat. So, here we go, we just screw that on nice and tight. Now using conventional wrenches, we need one to hold the nut in place and the other one to tighten that slug to create the flat seat. It's not terribly important to crank too hard, just enough to get that line set corrugation crushed slightly, that's good. And then from there, loosen it, take that aluminum slug out, remove the aluminum slug, and as you can see we have a nice flat seat with this c-clamp in the first corrugation. From there it's very simple. You take your graphite washer, pull the nut up, put the washer in place, and again reconnect your fitting. Now to tighten that fitting it does not require, you know, a torque wrench. A nice firm tightening of a nut, nothing terribly, you don't need a strong man to do this, it's literally just a, you can't really ruin the washer, but just a nice tight seal like that, and there you go a waterproof seal with our FlowMaxx quick connect and our FlowMaxx stainless steel line set. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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