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ConnectMaxx Solar Thermal Mounting Hardware

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar. What I'd like to show you here is our ConnectMaxx kit for the freestanding TitanPower Plus. Obviously, we've got our collector which is a key component, but holding the whole thing up is the ConnectMaxx extrusions. Now this has been designed to provide a lot of lateral support with our rail, this extruded rail supports the whole entire system. Then the collector is mounted to the rail with a T-profile. This T-profile extends through the whole width of the collector and is clipped in place with these tension clips. As we tighten down the allen bolt, the tension is put on this T-profile with the grooves, so we're locked in place, nice and tight to this extrusion. And then the back legs, since these extrusions are pre-threaded or pre-grooved for the allen screws, we can slide this up and down the rail wherever we want. In fact, we can angle these back legs out further and drop the angle of the collector down, if that's what we'd like to do, or we can slide this up and drop the angle down. So you have a lot of adaptability with this ConnectMaxx system. You need a single Allen wrench to tighten the whole unit down. On the bottom you see the T-profile with the tension clip and the allen bolt, the same thing we have down on the bottom in the opposite direction. We have the T-profile holding the lip that holds the collector together connected to the side rail with the tension clip. So now this whole thing wind tested and approved structural analysis has been completed. And this is going to pass all rigorous wind load and weight analysis tests for solar thermal systems. Not to mention how quickly it gets installed.

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