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Solar Thermal Installation Training

Take Your Business To The Next Level As A Solar Thermal Installer!

Solar Thermal Installation TrainingSunMaxx delivers the industry's most complete, popular & exciting solar installation training workshops!

At your SunMaxx solar training workshop you'll get...

  • Experienced, professional you get the first-hand tips, strategies & secrets that put you head and shoulders above your competitor!
  • Complete hands-on you learn by actually installing...NOT reading a book!
  • The skills & confidence you need to succeed, whether you're a beginner or experienced installer (3000 ecstatic students world-wide can't be wrong)!

Why Does SunMaxx Offer Solar Training Workshops?

Our solar installation training program started internally, as a way to guarantee that SunMaxx had the sales representatives, technicians and support staff on hand to deliver maximum value to each of our dealers, installers & end-user customers.

However, as we spoke with customers across the US, and around the world, we heard a single a common problem plaguing home and business owners who wanted to go solar.

They couldn't find a qualified, certified and professional solar installer in their city or town!

We realized that the solar industry is only as strong as the boots on the ground...the men & women out on the street designing, installing and maintenancing solar thermal systems…and without professional solar installers from coast to coast, the home and business owners we serve would never be able to take advantage of the financial, health and ecological benefits that SunMaxx solar thermal systems deliver.

So, we stepped up our game, and developed a series of solar installation training workshops with one goal in mind...

to give today's consumer access to the most professional, best-trained solar thermal installers the market has ever seen (no matter where they live)!

Get ready to join the network today!

Check out all of our solar thermal training workshops below:

  • Level 1 - Intro To Solar Thermal Systems

    Introduction to Solar Thermal Systems

    Let SunMaxx Solar give you a leg up over the competition, and prepare you for your hands-on training with our introduction to solar thermal systems and installation. In this workshop, you will get the basics you need to move forward as a professional solar thermal installer.

  • Level 2 - Solar Domestit Hot Water & Radiant Heating

    The Solar Loop

    A completely hands-on course in solar domestic hot water system sizing, design and installation. Put your new-found solar thermal knowledge to good use assembling and installing SunMaxx Solar's industry-leading solar thermal collectors and systems.

  • Level 4 - Solar Sales & Marketing Training

    Solar Thermal Sales and Marketing Training

    The heart of your solar business is the ability to go out and get lot of new clients. Let SunMaxx Solar's sales and marketing experts walk you through today's cutting-edge, high-impact sales and marketing tools, strategies and secrets, applied directly to the solar market!

  • Level 5 - Commercial Solar Sales Training

    Commercial Solar Thermal Sales Training

    Get ready to tackle the industry's biggest, most lucrative projects. Our Commercial Solar Thermal Sales workshop will train you in the process, tools and strategies for attracting and selling small and large commercial solar thermal customers in your market.

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