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Solar Thermal Training FAQs

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers.

In the interest of saving you time, we have created this great resource of the most often asked questions asked by other people interested in attending our Solar Thermal Training, or Solar PV training seminars. You may have some of the same questions! If you do, check out the answers below.

How Much Do The Solar Thermal Training and Solar PV Courses Cost?

Know Your Product: SunMaxx levels 1-3 - includes product training coursers and is recommended for any existing contractor serious about entering into the solar industry.
Cost: $347

Launching a Successful Solar Business: SunMaxx levels 1-5- includes product training and sales & marketing, and commercial bidding courses and is recommended for anyone serious about launching a highly successful solar company or new solar division. The full package costs: $749

Individual Days: Not everyone’s situation is the same. We do allow attendees to purchase course modules individually at the following prices:

  • Level 1 Solar Thermal Training – $100
  • Level 2 Solar Thermal Training – $149
  • Level 3 Solar Thermal Training – $149
  • Level 4 Solar Thermal Training – $249
  • Level 5 Solar Thermal Training – $249

What Is Included In The Cost Of The Solar Training Courses?

Our solar course attendees get a tremendous amount of value for their registration fee. Here is an overview of what our Solar Thermal Training course attendees get when they attend a solar training course:

  • Priority Access To A Dealer Representative/Technician
  • Access To The Solar Thermal Training Or Solar PV Training Course Of Your Choice
  • Big Book Binder Full Of Brochures, Product Technical Drawings, Installation Guides, Program Outlines & More
  • Food & Drink At The Solar Training Course
  • Certification As A SunMaxx Installer & Dealer

What Does A SunMaxx Certification Mean? What Can I Do With It?

Being SunMaxx/Silicon Solar Certified Solar Thermal or Solar PV installer gives you access to the SunMaxx/Silicon Solar dealer installer program. You get access to SunMaxx and Silicon Solar products at discounted prices, the ability to use our brand(s) in your marketing, access to our marketing and sales materials, as well as access to our dealer representatives and technicians, as well as special assistance on your projects, bids and installations.

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