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FlowMaxx Buried Flexible Line Set for Solar Thermal Systems

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Jared Wood. I'm here to talk about our newest product line here at SunMaxx Solar. This is the buried flexible line set. It is designed to do any type of installations that are underground, specifically speaking of ground mounting solar systems. The two different sizes that we'll be carrying first off is going to be ¾ inch line set, return and supply, in the very flexible corrugated piping here. We'll have ¾ inch and 1-¼ inch pipe sizes. I just want to highlight a few of the things here that make this unique to SunMaxx. The buried flexible line set, first you get a nice corrugated plastic jacket, waterproofing the line set. Between that corrugation and the rockwool insulation is a closed foam about a quarter inch thick, closed foam insulation here that acts as a barrier for any type of vapor. So any type of vapor, so a vapor barrier. Going in from there is a rockwool insulation. It has an r value of around 16, and then from there is our corrugated stainless steel line set. Also notice we have a sensor wire for your thermostat wire for your sensors at the collectors and to bring it into the pump station. This sensor wire is nice because it has four different wires. Obviously a sensor requires two, so now we can either have two sensors at the collectors or we can just have a second set up in case one fails later on down the road. So for a supply, we will be selling these in 10 ft lengths, up to 160 feet. So again, we have ¾ inch flexible line set, it's called the FlowMaxx BFL, and thank you for your time.

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