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Why Get Authorized?

Solar Thermal Training Course San Diego There are a number of important reasons that you need to become a SunMaxx Authorized Solar Thermal Installer, including:

  • Make a Profit with SunMaxx – Only Authorized SunMaxx Installers get access to SunMaxx Wholesale Pricing
  • Online Marketing Support – all SunMaxx Authorized Installers are listed on our network of websites, providing customers easy access to your contact information for sales & service.
  • Priority Access – All SunMaxx Authorized Installers receive priority access to our team of professional sales representatives and technicians.
  • Incredible Training – SunMaxx Installer Training Workshops are taught by former educators, and provide insider access to the latest trends and newest products and technologies in the Solar Thermal Industry.
  • Great Business Opportunities – Solar Thermal is the world’s fastest growing industry, with exponential growth expected over the next 20 – 25 years – and, SunMaxx is a leading manufacturer and distributor of highly efficient, affordable Solar Thermal Systems.

Solar Thermal Training Course San Diego The best part is SunMaxx customers will be happy to purchase from you, a Authorized and trained professional for many reasons. While Silicon Solar is the manufacturer, key distributor and online sales outlet for SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems, only SunMaxx Installers, the local face of the SunMaxx brand, are able to offer the value added services and support that make a new SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System the incredible investment that it truly is.

As a SunMaxx Solar Thermal Installer, you will offer your customers:

  • Extended 10 Year Warranty on SunMaxx Solar Collectors – a 7 year increase over our standard 3 Year Warranty
  • Extensive Technical Support – SunMaxx provides in depth technical support only to our Certified Dealer Installers – residential customers are referred directly to a Certified Dealer Installer for technical, installation or service assistance – increasing your business and loyal customer base
  • Savings on Shipping Costs – Most residential customers must pay several hundred dollars in shipping costs to get a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System (on top of the cost of materials and installation) – by purchasing their system directly from you, the SunMaxx Dealer Installer, they are able to avoid this additional cost.
  • Sales & Installation from one source – by offering sales, installation and follow-up service on SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems, you are able to offer your customers package deals that SunMaxx is unable to offer directly.
  • Local, Friendly Face – SunMaxx is a large online company, serving customers, large and small, around the world – you are a trusted, local, friendly face, and SunMaxx customers will be looking for the value and familiarity that only a hometown leader, such as a SunMaxx Certified Dealer Installer can provide.

If this sounds like an incredible opportunity, sign up for a SunMaxx Installer Training Workshop near you today!

Solar Thermal Installation Training Courses In California

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