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Solar Thermal Basics

Solar Thermal, or Solar Hot Water, is one of the world’s fastest growing (if not the fastest growing) industries. Thousands of home and business owners are purchasing and installing Solar Hot Water Systems for their homes, offices and facilities each and every week – they understand the tremendous benefit of these systems – both economically and environmentally.

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal, or Solar Heating, essentially means using the sun to heat water. A low-tech version of this concept is illustrated by a hose left out in the sun: the water within the hose is warm, even hot, when the water is turned on. Today’s Solar Thermal Systems are much more complex and efficient than a simple hose in the sun, but the concept remains essentially the same.

What are Solar Collectors?

Solar Collectors are the tools that transfer the light and radiation generated by sunlight (typically UV radiation) into heat. This heat can then be transferred to an HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) and storage medium, such as water (or a water – glycol solution), providing a completely free heat source, which then cuts down on the amount of fuels (oil, propane, natural gas, wood, etc) used for various heating applications around the home or office.

What can Solar Thermal be used for?

Solar Thermal is a very versatile technology, and can be used for nearly every application where there is a need for heating water. Some common examples include:

  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Radiant & Space Heating
  • Pool & Spa Heating
  • Process Water Heating
  • Snow / Ice Melting

Who are Solar Thermal Customers?

As a Solar Thermal Dealer Installer, your customer base is varied, and incredibly large. Your potential customers include:

  • Residential Customers (Homeowners)
  • Commercial Customers (Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Apartments/Condos, etc.)
  • Municipal Customers (Government Offices, Government Facilities, etc.)
  • Agricultural Customers (Farmers and Ranchers)
  • Industrial Customers (Manufacturing Facilities, Distillers, etc.)

How do I Get Started?

To get started as a SunMaxx Dealer Installer, your first step should be contacting our team and registering for a Solar Thermal Dealer Installer Training Workshop – Get Certified Right Here!

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