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Solar Thermal Demo Collectors For Installers

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar. I'd like to talk to you now about some demo unit collectors that we have that are really going to help increase public awareness. One a personal note, one of the reasons I got into solar was to help increase public awareness and one of the most effective ways that you can do that is to have something that you carry to somebody's house, to their classroom, to their office to show them what the collectors are all about. Many people might hear about these, they might see them on the Internet, but until they see them, feel them, touch them, they really don't have that personal connection. So what SunMaxx has done is develop four different type of demo units that can essentially fit in the backseat of your car. In fact, one of my favorites is this cute little carrying case with our TitanPower Plus. Inside this carrying case is a fully functional TitanPower Plus collector, it illustrates as a cutaway the layering of the TiNOX absorber and the fiberglass insulation, the header pipes, the laser welding. It also has a fully functional ventilation system with our weep hole, the drip edge, and then the integrated bolts for the frame. It also has the compression fittings on the left and the male fittings on the right. So you have a fully functional collector that you can loan to somebody if they want to take a look at it, you can use it for educational purposes. For the cost, you really can't go wrong, if you're going to take solar thermal serious, you've really got to have the materials, the tools, and the knowledge. This is one of the first steps to getting all three of those. You've got to have some type of piece of equipment that you can show what it is that you're actually going to be selling. So the TitanPower Plus demo unit is a nice little tight box you can carry around. In fact, you could leave it with somebody if they wanted to spread some word for you.

Another one here is the thermosiphon. Now the thermosiphon demo unit is also fully functional, and this probably has more functionality than any of the other collectors because it seems very versatile. I can take this camping trip, take it camping. I can put it out in the field with a PB panel and keep the stock tank from freezing. I can take a shower, I can put it in an RV, I can carry it with me and disassemble it, put it back together and heat up water for my RV shower. There are many different things that I can do with this small demo unit. This is a non-pressurized thermosiphon. So essentially we have a stainless steel tank, insulated with spray foam. Our wet tubes, we call them wet tubes because there's nothing inside the tubes but water. Okay, it doesn't have a heat pipe and it doesn't have a U pipe, we've got water. So this is a fully functional unit. It's going to heat up approximately 4 to 5 gallons of water per day, depending obviously where you are. In upstate NY I might get 3 gallons of hot water a day and in downtown LA I might get 7 and half gallons of water. So it mostly depends on where you are and what time of year it is. But these units are very cost effective. I don't do much pricing, I'm more of a trainer, so I don't know exactly what they cost but I'm sure the cost is under $200.

Okay, over here we have our U pipe demo unit. Now the U pipe is similar to the heat pipe in that it has the evacuated tubes, however it doesn't have the heat pipe, it has a U pipe. This is also called a direct flow, so this is our vacuum direct flow because the fluid, instead of passing through the manifold, the fluid is coming into the manifold and being pumped down into the tubes and back up. One of the beauties of the U pipe is you can mount on the façade of a building or I can mount laying flat, horizontally. The heat pipes I cannot do that with, I have to have an angle on the heat pipes, but the U pipe are very versatile, can mount them on a façade, can mount them flat on a building, or I can mount them just like I would with standard heat pipes.

Okay, over here to my right is the heat pipe demo unit. One of the things I like about these is the ability for me to simply remove one of these tubes, and I have done this many times. And take the glass tube, nice, small manageable tube, and if I have enough I'll give my client a tube. I can talk to him for a few minutes, or talk to her for a few minutes and then they can experience for themselves firsthand just how hot these glass tubes can get. So not only does this little demo unit afford you the ability to take the entire unit and set it up, but you can also break the unit down into the tubes. And I found this as one of the most effective sales tools to be able to show somebody. If you can show them how hot these tubes can get or solar thermal collectors in general on a cold or even cloudy day, then it's really just a matter of when can you get started on the install because this is a very impressive way for you to present this system to your client. Bringing a system like this, showing them in only a short 20 minutes or 30 minutes this system is going to heat up. If I set this out on the back of my truck or I take it out of the backseat of my car, this manifold pipe is going to get too hot to the touch, and if it happens to be a cold or cloudy day and your client is wondering if this works and they touch this, they are going to be amazed. So I strongly encourage you to use the heat pipe demo or flat plate demo or thermosiphon demo or U pipe demo, some type of collector. If anything at all, buy some extra tubes that you can carry around and this is kind of a unique product, it's a novelty, somebody's going to want to take a look at this firsthand before they jump on board with it.

So you've got the evacuated tube demos, both heat pipe and U pipe, you've got the thermosiphon, and once again probably the best little product that you can bring along with you is our TitanPower Plus. It's a cute little product, but one of the nice things is it gives you the cutaway, shows the TiNOX absorber, the welding, it shows the weep hole with the ventilation system, the drip edge. It shows the compression fittings on the female and male side. This is a fully functional little demo unit, comes nice and packaged, so if you're going to take it serious and try to get into this. First of all, you are taking it serious because you're watching this video, and so you're already ahead of the curve, and the next step that you can do is to bring some product along with you. If anything else, buy one of these for yourself so you can learn about it for yourself because the more knowledgeable you are, the more effective you are, and the more effective you are the better the solar thermal industry will be as a whole. Thanks.

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