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TitanPower-AL2DH Solar Thermal Flate Plate Collector

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Todd Paternoster, with SunMaxx Solar. We have another product I'd like to bring to your attention. This is the double harp style collector. This is a flat plate obviously, with a nice laser weld. The laser weld does increase the aesthetic appeal. Some people like the hidden welds as opposed to the welds that are apparent. This style you've got your two ports that are threaded connections, this is a half inch compression fitting that is a double harp, so we have two header risers essentially that are pinched in the middle. Very effective at large commercial jobs, we can put a lot of these in series. There's internal piping that's arranged in parallel manner. Additionally, there are little punch outs, weep holes, that I can orient this collector any way I want, and I punch the appropriate side out for the ventilation system. So this gives you the flexibility of doing the landscape or portrait installation, but also horizontal and vertical installation because I can create my own ventilation system with this collector.

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