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TitanPower Plus-SU2 Solar Thermal Flat Plate Collector

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar. I'd just like to take a few minutes to tell you about the best flat plates, the TitanPower Plus SU2 panel. This is a header riser style, so we're going to be able to get a high efficiency through many panels and series. A couple of things I'd like to point out to you about this collector besides the TiNOX absorber, which is an industry-leading absorber efficiency. We have a nice tempered glass which gives a diffused scattering of light onto the absorber surface, so you get a nice uniform absorption. As well as there is a weep hole at the top, so we have a nice ventilation system throughout the entire collector. It prevents any of the calcium buildup that is typically associated with decreasing collector performance. We've been able to overcome that with our state of the art ventilation system. As well as the large absorber surface area relative to the gross area, which means in terms of roof real estate we're getting more absorber per square foot. Another thing that is a nice feature of these collectors is the ¾ inch fittings, on the left-hand side you have ¾ inch male and on the right-hand side you have the ¾ inch female compression fittings. It allows you to combine one collector to another very quickly and efficiently with carbide washers that create a nice tight seal with a little bit of torque. Another nice feature of this is that there is a proper orientation with a ventilation system that is designed to pull warm air up and pulls the moisture out of the collector. There's a drip edge on the bottom, so if we maintain an angle of 15 to 75 degrees on this we have a ventilation system that's going to create a clear absorber surface for 20+ years. The TitanPower Plus SU2 21 square foot collector by SunMaxx.

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