XMaxx Heat Wand for Solar Thermal Systems

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx. I'd like to show you for a moment a very unique product that we offer, the SunMaxx Butler Wand. What this is going to allow you to do is tie directly into an existing hot water tank without a preheat storage tank. It brings the cost down, especially for clients that don't have the extra room for a preheat storage tank. Essentially what we have here is a double wand heat exchanger. It's a solar wand, it fits inside of your hot water supply out of the tank. So, I've got my storage tank and I insert this into the hot water supply. Now this elbow becomes my hot water supply, so this is going to pour hot water out of the storage tank just like before. The difference here is that we've installed, we have a double-walled exchanger that's inserted into this wand. So if you can follow me for a moment, I have a supplier return here, this copper tubing is braised to the inside of the top elbow. So what's going to happen is as my heated fluid goes into the top, it's going to go all the way down to the bottom, and it's going to come out of that bottom. Well as it comes out of the bottom, it's got to work its way, spiraling up, coming in contact with this twisted copper piping and exchanging heat, and as it comes through there, now the return back to the collectors is going to go up through here and come back down this way. So we've got the supply and the return, a double-walled heat exchanger, this is a tube in a tube system essentially, and it very easily threads into the hot water supply of most common household electric, gas, propane, fuel oil hot water tanks. No need for extra space, no need for extra cost. This is a very simple tie in, the SunMaxx Solar Wand is going to have a lot of applications in the residential home, domestic hot water market. Thanks.